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Rajitha Bommakanti, RN, has been practicing nursing for over 35 years in various medical disciplines. She is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness coach, Certified lifestyle coach, Culinary Coach, Faith based Community nurse and Certified Case Manager. During her nursing practice with patients, she realized that they are missing major areas of well-being. She was inspired to establish a Healthy You Lifestyle Center so that she could provide comprehensive care for the internal and external well-being of individuals. She had a calling to make a difference in people’s life, that has brought her to the present moment seamlessly. Her commitment is towards helping clients develop life-long healthy habits.


My Story

In my nursing journey, Rajitha I have seen gaps in patient care and the impact chronic medical conditions had on my patient’s quality of life. I wanted to make a difference, so I have now progressed on to my next life journey, to empower people in making lifestyle changes and live a healthy life.

As a Case Manager, I learned that my role is to educate, empower, and enable patients to live a healthy life. My goal is to reduce care fragmentation and focus on being your partner, your guiding light as you move through your journey.

As a coach, I will be a light to those in darkness. My focus is on your wholeness: body, mind, spirit, and emotional. I believe in your success!

Healing Journey

How the Program Works

The secret to your success is your thought process. With this 8-week program*, you will learn to tune into your subconscious mind to become more aware of the behavior changes you must make for the lasting healthy lifestyle change you have been dreaming of.



I had the pleasure of taking the Healing Journey course in November. When I started the program, I worked from home at a desk all day not getting much exercise. I was stress eating quite a bit. I would go to bed after midnight and wake up in the morning feeling depleted. The course, particularly the 30-morning routine was a game changer! It includes movement, expressive writing, gratitude journaling, breathing exercises, and meditation.

The weekly tasks kept me focused on taking action and doing the work. I felt tremendous support and accountability from the weekly coaching calls. These sessions helped me set and achieve weekly goals. The learning modules provided education on mindset, taking responsibility for your health and life, forgiveness, sleep, plant-based nutrition plus recipes, and the mind-body connection.

Rajitha’s kindness, caring, patience, dedication, expertise, and knowledge of health and wellness were obvious throughout this course. She was responsive and available to answer any questions. The time and research on each health topic was apparent in the modules. My takeaways from the program were the establishment of a morning routine, a meditation practice—the perfect antidote for stress–and a sleep regimen. I now understand the importance of taking time in the morning before work to set the tone for my day. I also incorporate movement and breathing exercises every few hours throughout the day. I feel like a different person; I am energetic, nourished, hydrated, and calmer than I have been in several years. I highly recommend this program if you are ready and willing to commit to your self-care.

-Kimberly M.



Have an open mind, learn to heal from within, and experience a life full of love and happiness.
It’s time to say GOODBYE to distress.


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With over 30 years of experience, my purpose in life is to serve others by helping them adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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